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1st Regenerative Medicine Expo TPKYO

1st Regenerative Medicine Expo TPKYO
- Culture Media, Reagents (Cell Growth Factors, Serums, Scaffolding Materials, etc.), Culture Vessels, Incubators, Cell Evaluation/Analytical Devices, Cell Quality Evaluation, Cell Banks, Cell Services, Contract Services, Transportation Services, IP, Consulting, Licensing, Regenerative Medicine, etc.
2019/07/03 - 2019/07/05
2019/07/03 -

Regenerative Medicine Expo TOKYO gathers all the latest technologies, products and services to industrialise Regenerative Medicine.
Exhibits include culture media, reagents, incubators, cell research related products, contract services and licensing. As for visitors, researchers/doctors from universities, pharmaceutical/cosmetics manufacturers, medical institutions are expected.

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