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2019 Shanghai Private Label Fair

2019 Shanghai Private Label Fair
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2019/12/10 -
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Snack foods, Biscuit, pastry, Candy, chocolate, Prepared food, Nutritional health products, North South dry goods, Alcohol and tobacco, Grain oil, non-staple condiments, canned fast food, seasonal food, Bread pastry, toys hardware, electrical accessories, gardening household cookware, kitchen tableware, furniture, home appliances, bed linens, clothing, shoes, personal care, toiletries, paper products, office delicatessen, seafood, fruit, vegetables, meat, poultry, bread, baked goods, flowers, plants


How PLF is different from other shows in the relevant industries


A The visitors are different

Shows such as Sial China, CIIE, Hofex, the audience is rather various , from traders, wholesalers , agency, brand owners to third party service provider and publics etc.etc.

in PLF (Shanghai Private Label Fair ) with 9 years of experience, PLSC has appealed about 80% professional buyer (say Private Label program director or manager and oversea professional procurement ) from China retail industry as our visitors and most of them as our PLSC members.

The visitors are sharp and prise and they attend our fair with a mission.


B PLF with efficiency

There are a lot of trade shows in China and Asia, when it comes to private label , PLF is one of its kind. Professional buyers from all over China incl. few Global sourcing introduced by PLMA attend PLMA to find their suppliers for direct purchasing or its Private label project. Only in PLF where they can find the best – fit with a lot less efforts.

C No middle procedure + No extra charge to enter a retail store

Exhibitors may get connected with the traders , wholesalers or agencies etc, when it comes to enter retail market, there are many middle processes eg: from the China Agent – East China Agent- Zhejiang Province- Hanzhou Walmart , which made it very complicated to get in retail industry. Secondly when the suppliers products managed to display on the shelf, stores charge for all kinds of fee , such as entry fee, shelf fee, management fee, festival fee, code fee etc.
While Private Label, as it is a store brands, all the middle processes will be cut off, allow Private label Buyer or overseas procurement to make contact with suppliers directly. Supplier has no need to pay for any charge but working closely with retailers and develop together , tailoring the products that shoppers are looking for.

D The growing trends of Private Label and overseas direct purchasing

The market share of private label in Europe has reached to 40% , particularly in Switzerland, leading with 50% market share, average 25% something for U.S market . While in China, private label fair is at 3%- 5%. Stores are eager to get involved as private label generates a lot more profits. More and more store such as miniso, muji, wastons emerge , including eCommerce giants Taobao has its private label Taobao Select, JD with its JD Jingzao, Netease which are seeking oversea products to differentiate themselves just as Amazon launched total 135 private label selling on its platform.